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Is And Capitalized in a Title?

No, and should not be capitalized in a title or heading, unless it is the first word. And is a coordinating conjunction, one of seven—the others are or, nor, but, for, yet, and so. Some of those words are not always used as conjunctions (e.g., but and for), and others are treated differently by different style guides (e.g., yet and so). However, this does apply to and: It is always a coordinating conjunction, and lowercased according to all style guides.
The Old Man and the Sea
Stand Up and Be Counted
Drag-and-Drop Functionality
By the way, this also applies when and is shortened to n:
I Love Rock ’n’ Roll

Special Cases

First Word

As usual, there is an exception for the first word of a title, which is always capitalized.
And They Said It Wouldn’t Last

Elliptical Titles

And cannot occur as the last word of a title, except when it is followed by an ellipsis. A title can also begin with an ellipsis that is followed by and. As I have argued in a separate article, I think these are special cases, and the word and should not be capitalized in these circumstances.
We All Got Together and
and Now You Don’t
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