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Is At Capitalized in a Title?

Capitalizing at in title case is not that complicated, although there is one special case you should be aware of. But let’s start with the standard case: The word at is a preposition, and a very short one at that, and all title case styles agree that two-letter prepositions are lowercased. So at is typically not capitalized when using title case:
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
It’s All How You Look at It
A special case, although a trivial one, is the occurrence as the first word of a title. At must be capitalized in that situation.
At First Light
There is another special case though that is not quite as trivial. When at occurs as the last word of a title, then its capitalization depends on which title case style you are using. Unfortunately, the style guides are not in agreement in this regard.
If you are using AP, Chicago, MLA, New York Times, or Wikipedia style, then the last word of a title must be capitalized:
Practice the Things You Are Weak At
Undervalued Stocks Worth Looking At
But AMA, APA, and Bluebook style do not have such a rule, so (short) prepositions at the end of a title remain lowercase:
The Best Startups to Work at
Memes You Shouldn’t Be Laughing at


The Title Case Converter automatically takes this difference between the styles into account and will capitalize your titles correctly. Give it a try!