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Is Into Capitalized in a Title?

Capitalizing the word into correctly is quite easy compared to other words, since it only has one grammatical function: into is always a preposition. However, it has four letters, so the various title case styles handle it differently. Its position in the title also plays a role. Let’s look at the various cases.

AMA, AP, APA, New York Times

These four styles capitalize all words with four or more letters, which means into is always capitalized:
Falling Into You
Across the River and Into the Trees

Bluebook, Chicago, MLA, Wikipedia

In Bluebook and Wikipedia style, prepositions with up to four letters are lowercased, and in Chicago and MLA style, all prepositions are lowercased, independent of their length. Consequently, into is lowercased in these four styles:
So into You
Journey into the Night
There are, however, two exceptions:

First Word

Into must be capitalized when it is the first word of the title:
Into the Great Wide Open

Last Word

Chicago, MLA, and Wikipedia style have the rule always to capitalize the last word of a title:
I Know What You Can Turn Into
Bluebook style on the other hand does not have such a rule, so in this style, into is not capitalized if it is the last word of a title. This is a rare case though:
You Have No Idea What You’re Getting Yourself into


Capitalizing into is not that hard, but there are other words that are quite tricky to capitalize, so check out the Title Case Converter, which capitalizes your titles correctly in the style of your choice.
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