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Is Over Capitalized in a Title?

Over is one of those words that are handled differently in the various title case styles. In some styles, it is always capitalized, but in other styles, its capitalization depends on its grammatical function. Let’s examine the different cases.

AMA, AP, APA, New York Times

If you are using AMA, AP, APA, or New York Times style, then handling over is simple: It must always be capitalized since all words with more than three letters are capitalized in those styles.
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Bullets Over Broadway
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Bluebook, Chicago, MLA, Wikipedia

In Bluebook, Chicago, MLA, and Wikipedia style, the capitalization of over depends on its grammatical function, i.e., the part of speech.

Over as a Preposition

When over is used as a preposition, then is not capitalized:
Get over You
Walk All over Me
Somewhere over the Rainbow
Trouble over Here, Trouble over There

Over as an Adverb

When used as an adverb, however, over must be capitalized. This is the case when it’s part of a phrasal verb like bring over, come over, lean over, move over, stay over, talk over, think over, win over, etc.
Hand Over the Money
Taking Over This Town
Roll Over Beethoven
Please note that there are a few verbs that can be followed by the adverb over or the preposition over. For example,
Adverb:Looking Over My Notes
Preposition:Looking over the Wall

Over as an Adjective

Over can also be used as an adjective. In that case, it needs to be capitalized as well:
Is It Over Yet?
It’s All Over Now

Over as the First Word or Last Word

In addition, there are two special cases to be considered: The first word of a title is always capitalized, so in that case over is capitalized even when used as a preposition:
Over the Hills and Far Away
In Chicago, MLA, New York Times, and Wikipedia style, the last word of a title is always capitalized as well:
The Longest Bridge I Walked Over
Bluebook style however does not have such a rule, so in that style, the preposition over at the end of a title is not capitalized. This is a rare case, however.
The Longest Bridge I Walked over


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