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Is Your Capitalized in a Title?

Whether a word should be capitalized when using title case depends on several factors, but the most important factor is the grammatical function (or word class) of that word, i.e., if it’s a noun, verb, preposition, etc. Most dictionaries (for example, Collins) classify your as (possessive) determiner (Merriam-Webster categorizes it as adjective). In title case, the only words that are not capitalized are
  • articles,
  • conjunctions, and
  • (short) prepositions
Since your is none of these, it follows that it must be capitalized. This is true for all title case styles.
Here are a few examples:
Stand by Your Man
How I Met Your Mother
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
If you are uncertain which words should be capitalized in a title, check out the Title Case Converter which will automatically capitalize your titles correctly in the style of your choice.