Sentence Case Converter

Automatic Capitalization / Truecasing


What does this converter do?

This converter capitalizes text in sentence case style, the same way that regular sentences are conventionally capitalized: All words are lowercase, except for the first word, proper nouns, and proper adjectives (Wednesday, George, New York City, Spanish, …). Another way of looking at it is that the converter corrects or restores the capitalization of uncased or poorly capitalized text.
For example, this converter corrects text that was written in all lowercase letters. Another use case is legal documents, such as end-user agreements, which are often written in all caps and are therefore difficult to read. The Sentence Case Converter can easily convert such documents into a readable form. Please note that the automatic capitalization of text is a difficult task, so it is not possible to achieve perfect results.
If you need to convert lengthy texts, and/or call the conversion from your own programs, consider using the Sentence Case Converter API.

Using the Sentence Case Converter

Enter the text to be converted, or paste it from the clipboard. If the “Convert when text is pasted” option is enabled, pasting text will automatically trigger the conversion. If the option is disabled, click the “Convert” button, or use the shortcut Ctrl+Enter (Cmd+Enter on a Mac). Once the text has been converted, you can copy the result to your clipboard either by clicking the “Copy” button, or by pressing Ctrl+C (it is not necessary to select the text).
The following options are available:
  • Highlight changes: When this option is checked, all letters whose capitalization has changed are highlighted in orange.
  • Use straight quotes: When this option is unchecked, quotation marks in the input text are converted to curly quotes, also known as smart quotes. When checked, straight quotes, also known as typewriter quotes, are used instead.
  • Convert when text is pasted: When checked, pasting text triggers the conversion. It is not necessary to clear the text box before pasting; the current text will be replaced by the pasted text.


In Natural Language Processing (NLP), the task of correcting the capitalization of a text is referred to as truecasing, and a tool like this is called a truecaser. Truecasing is a crucial pre- or post-processing step in NLP tasks, including machine translation, named entity recognition, and speech recognition. The Sentence Case Converter / Truecasing API provides a convenient way to perform this task.